World Cancer Day 2016

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4th February 2016 is World Cancer day!

World Cancer Day 2016: Fight hard and we can beat it

Every year, World Cancer Day is celebrated on 4th February all over the world to honour the efforts made by the WHO, United Nations, governmental and non-governmental health organisations towards taking strategic measures to fight against cancer as well as spreading the real word about this disease, its prevention and treatment. It is celebrated to fetch innovative ideas and implement them subsequently which help to aware more people about cancer.

History associated with World Cancer Day

World Cancer Day was first celebrated in Geneva, Switzerland in 1933 under UICC (Union for International Cancer Control) and with the support various other well-known cancer societies, research institutes, treatment centres and patient groups. The event was founded with the aim of fulfilling the needs to fight and control cancer.

According to a report, more than 12.7 million people are diagnosed with cancer annually and more than 7 million lose their lives due to it. The objective of this day was to initiate its annual celebration in order to save millions lives from cancer and also educate people to look for its warning signs, follow preventive measures and get saved. 4th February was specifically established for raising cancer awareness among people; informing them about the benefits of a healthy diet, proper and regular exercises and a teaching on how to prevent ourselves from environmental factors contributing towards cancer.

How World Cancer Day is celebrated?

In order to spread special messages about the cancer and its prevention, prominent health organisations take part in organising camps, awareness programs, rallies, lectures, seminars, etc. where people are prompted to join in masses to help spread the word.

Common public, health organisations and other non-governmental organisations are also prompted to take part during the event celebration. Common people are the main target of the event celebration to which the message is to be spread and shared to get more control over the cancer.

This event is celebrated every year by using a particular theme to make this event more result oriented among people. This year and subsequent two years, the theme for World Cancer Day is “We can. I can.”

During the event celebration, people are informed about the risk factors leading to cancer such as tobacco use, obesity, low fruit or vegetable intake, less or no physical activity, alcoholism, sexual transmission of HPV-infection, excessive air pollution, indoor smoke, genetically risk factors, over exposure to sunlight, etc. People are also made aware about the vaccination method against the human papilloma virus and hepatitis B virus.

Why World Cancer Day is celebrated?

World Cancer Day is celebrated to spread maximum awareness about the risk factors and preventive measures of the cancer in order to save millions of lives. Generally, people suffering from cancer are hated by normal people in the society. There are various other social myths related to cancer like normal people think that they would get cancer if they would touch or live with the person having cancer. World Cancer Day is also celebrated to remove any sort of social stigma associated with cancer. It is observed to make the normal people aware about all the reality of the cancer like its symptoms, causing factors, treatment, and etc.

During this event celebration people are educated about their healthy lifestyles, balanced diet, regular physical activity and weight management in order to reduce the risk of occurrence of cancers. They are also prompted to get rid of their alcohol habits, unhealthy diet and physical immobility.




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