A bonanza from Lazoi.com on International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day – 8th March 2016

International Women’s Day is just around the corner and Lazoi.com is leaving no stone unturned to woo its registered and non-registered female medical professionals. One of the leading online healthcare portals, Lazoi.com is cashing in big on this precious day. The creative team of the organisation has come up with a unique and almost irresistible offer. The company which offers distinguished platform for doctors to portray themselves and their practice online via DocPractice software is offering 8% discount on its DocPractice Premium subscription for female doctors till 8th March 2016 www.lazoi.com.

The benefits of getting one’s practice online are countless. For doctors, it is a new weapon in their repertoire. Patients are getting tech-savvy. They search for doctors online these days, get their details and instantly book appointments. Lazoi.com has revolutionised the patient-doctor relationship. Doctor, these days know their patients in advance, thanks to the technological innovation. Plus, doctors can reach patients in far flung areas with the help of internet and online consultation. Now that’s a big bonus.

For women who have already stepped into the healthcare sector or who are just about to, this offer from Lazoi.com is a “one-time grab-it-now opportunity.” Get yourself registered on the portal and you may see a sudden surge in number of patients!

To subscribe give us a call today at +8010335566 or mail us at info@lazoi.com


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