Stressful Life: YOGA is here to help you

Stress is one of the most commonly used terms today. When you face pressure at work, you get stressed. If unexpected guests drop by at home, you feel stressed. Even if you are in the middle of a celebration, you feel stressed. Most of us have to juggle roles at home and work, and sometimes it gets too much to handle.

Stress is a combination of physical and mental overload that disturbs the normal functioning of the body. There are times when you feel that you have had enough and cannot take anymore. On the other hand, there are some people who work better under pressure. This may be because stress hormones like CORTISOL help boost the coping mechanism. But the fact remains that everyone, at some point in life, feels stressed and that can affect their psychological functioning in a negative way.

The first thing that gets affected is sleep. Considering sleep is the best way to relieve stress, it is important that is taken care of.

YOGA is beneficial for stress management as it helps attain mental and physical balance. It also keeps you physically fit and your mind calm and alert. Yoga does not offer any overnight solutions but it helps minimize the problem. It stimulates the glands in the brain and puts the body into the Alpha state which leads to an increase in the creative thought process as well as helps the body heal itself. The Alpha state is achieved during SHAVASANA, the final resting pose in yoga.

Yoga also helps clear the mind and spirit. Posture, breathing and meditation help release muscular tension, which leads to good stress management and generation of an overall feeling of well being. Yoga resting poses help to release abdominal tension, aiding digestive functions. It also allows body to enter a calm state, free from the fight or flight strain. It helps create focus which allows the mind to relax and clear negative thoughts.

Yoga disciplines your mind and body, enhances fitness and supports weight loss. Regular practice increases energy levels, improves attitude and gives the person greater sense of control, all of which contribute to a better lifestyle. Combine yoga with a balanced diet and exercise for more effective weight loss.

Yoga Solutions to Workplace Stress

  • Before starting work, relax with your eyes shut and take deep breaths-inhalation five counts and exhalation 10. Repeat 10 times and once the body gets used to it, increase it by five rounds daily. Known as SAHAJ PRANAYAM, it relaxes the nervous system, keeps stress away and increases concentration.
  • Those who sit in front of the computer for longer hours experience strain in their eyes, shoulders and neck. To take care of stiffness, rotate your neck five times clockwise and anti-clockwise. This exercise is known as BRAHAMMUDRA. After this, keep your eyes shut and place a wet napkin over them. Also, rotate your shoulders clockwise and anti-clockwise. If done regularly, it helps the body and mind to stay calm and relaxed.
  • During lunch break, stand up and twist your back to the left and then to the right. Then, slowly raise your arms, interlock the fingers and life your heels off the floor, breathing normally all the while. Slowly come back to starting position. It will increase blood circulation and release stress.
  • Two hours after lunch, stretch your legs, back and arms. Do shoulder and neck rotations. Before leaving the office, do KAPALBHATI, Om chanting and BHRAMARIPRANAYAM to help your mind de-stress and relax.

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