How to ensure doctors attend their patients on time

One of the biggest complaints (from a patient’s perspective) that have been doing rounds since the advent of medical industry is doctors intentionally make patients wait for long duration. Unfortunately, most doctors are such kind who don’t honour a patient’s time and act casually. One of the reasons may be poor management skills or because they get on a high after knowing how many patients are waiting outside. Some doctors are persevered workers who use their reception area as the waiting room, where patients are taught to be patient. Of course, in some cases there are more patients and less doctors but most of the time it’s the doctor who’s least interested in a patient’s time.

This is seriously insane and a patient’s excess waiting can take the shape of anger. A patient who has been waiting for long becomes impatient which often results in commencement of consultation on the wrong note.

The issue is that doctors who confirm appointments and stick to them have to counter patients who just simply don’t turn up for the visit and least bothered to inform the clinic for the cancellation of appointment. This is a serious problem for doctors because they are then forced to sit idle during that time, until the next patient arrives. This is why doctors have to shift to plan-B i.e. to overbook.

The solution- Doctors can block an hour everyday where they offer appointments with the guarantee of seeing a patient and not making him wait for more than 10 minutes. They can charge extra for the premium slots, which can be offered online. Patients who are disciplined, value time and want to be sure that the doctor will see them as planned, will be happy to pay extra amount. If the doctor fails to meet the scheduled appointment, the consultation will be done free of cost. This will also encourage the doctor to honour the patient’s time.

This transparency benefits both patients and doctors. Patients who are patient and can wait will continue to do so. On the contrary, patients who don’t want to wait will make sure to book an appointment inside that one premium hour.         


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