Use Natural Stress-Busters To Beat The Stress

Our physical well-being depends on multiple significant factors such as the genes from our ancestors, the kind of food we consume and the amount of physical activities we are involved in. In addition to these, the state of mind plays a pivotal role in determining how well the body functions. Stress can have a devastating effect and minimise the body’s immune system to fight against sickness and therefore, it is important to practice techniques that keep stress at bay. Here are few natural stress-busters that will help you counter stress and deal with it in a healthy manner.

  1. Be Honest with Your food Choice

Ayurveda says that food has three important qualities- sattva, rajas and tamas, each unique in its own way. Sattvik food is light and nutritious, rajasik food is spicy and tamasik foods promote the sense on inertia. A combination of rajasik and tamasik foods is bound to keep mind in stressful conditions whereas a sattvik assists in keeping a cool mind. Even modern psychiatrists emphasise on consuming the right kind of food to keep stress away. Make sure you have loads of fresh vegetables and fruits along with pulses, milk and grains. Avoid pickles, chutneys, fish, meat, chicken, onion, garlic and more. You will experience a significant change in your efficiency to deal with stressful situations.

  1. Herbs Will Help You Equally

Believe it or not but certain herbs have wonderful mind relaxing properties. Herbs like lettuce, cardamom, peppermint, fennel can help relax your mind when consumed regularly in any form, be it tea or dishes you cook. Ayurveda suggests the use of adaptogenic herbs over a specific period of time that can cultivate a mind which can deal with the most daunting situations calmly. Herbs such as tulsi, jatamansi, brahmi, aswagandha and shankhpushpi help to maintain a balance between the characteristics that make up the body and mind. If you are seeing a psychiatrist for stress problem, you can first discuss with him before using these herbs.

  1. The Beneficial Oil Massage

You just went into your childhood remembering your mother forcing to get an oil massage a week, isn’t it? Well, it may have caused irritation in the childhood but the application of oil to the whole body relaxes the nerves and thwarts the tension build between them to a great extent. To get the best out of the oil (coconut, sesame or castor), heat it, make it lukewarm and apply to whole body, from top to the bottom. Allow it to remain for an hour or two. Then bathe with hot water. You will actually feel a new lease of freshness running through your body and mind.

  1. Reduce The Intake Of Unhealthy Beverages

Most of us are addicted to some kind of beverages in the form of soft drinks, alcohol and caffeine, which we believe will help in de-stressing our mind. Caffeine and alcohol have a reversing effect on the mind contributing anxiety and stress. Cut down on such beverages so as to bring down your stress to a manageable level.


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