Want to stay healthy? Go for regular health check-ups

The human body is a temple where our soul resides, as per ancient scriptures. Hence it becomes our responsibility to keep our body physically and mentally fit. And we all know that the biggest setback in today’s world accountable for 80% of deaths is lifestyle diseases.

Thus, it should be our conscientiousness to prevent a sickness from occurring and moving on to the path to wellness. A full-body checkup from a repute doctor is the prime step towards maintaining good health in all seasons. All you need is getting yourself thoroughly examined by your medical professional once a year.

It’s loaded with benefits

Doctors say that with regular examination they can easily detect disease and achieve success in stopping it before spreading. It is strappingly suggested to go for an annual checkup where a patient discusses his health problems with the doctor should be given a committed time. Normally in a consultation with the doctor, a good chunk of time is spent on discussing the current set of symptoms with the patient. It’s good if both doctor and patient set aside a dedicated time to discuss health problems in detail rather than responding to them as they surface.

The value of an annual health checkup should never be questioned. Some experts suggest that it’s too costly and less benefits. But in reality, nothing can replace patients and doctors seeing each other face-to-face especially when there is no precise ailment.

When you should go?

You are at risk if you are:

Recipe of an ideal health check-up

Your medical practitioner may start by asking queries about any new health problems. He may review medication, lifestyle and habits, risk factors, including family history and vaccination history. The check list of a perfect checkup includes:


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