Keys to selecting the right consultant physician

To be able to perform day-to-day activities tirelessly represents good health and to maintain it, people need to visit their family doctor or consultant physician regularly. If you are one of those with low self esteem affecting your work, then you really need to find a doctor who befits your health requirements. Characteristics like years of practice, practice area and countless other things that will help your determine who fits in your family well. After all, he is the one who will help you in needy times, running fever, cough, cold etc. if you suffer from a serious injury or health problem, he can refer you to the specialist.

Types of consultant physicians

Consultant physicians, also known as general practitioners are of different kinds and specialities:

  • Internal Medicine: Doctors who have board certification in internal medicine can effectively treat children and adults and sometimes perform less-complex surgical procedures.
  • Family Doctor: Qualified doctors who are entitled to treating an entire family. Their practice area may include gynaecology, paediatrics, internal medicine or more.
  • Paediatrics: These doctors are qualified to treating infants, small kids, children and adolescents.
  • Gynaecologists: Women are more likely to consult their family doctor if the practice gynaecology.
  • Nurse and Physician’s Assistants: They work with doctors and have to procure a different level of certification program. They are trained in primary care.

Guidelines to choosing a consultant physician

  • You must visit a doctor who has no issues accepting healthcare insurance policies. Most doctors do that but it’s always good to know beforehand. Check with his office staff before paying a visit.
  • Check with the doctor’s credentials and professional qualifications. Verify that he is board certified in his practice area. Gather all the necessary information on his attended medical school, experience, if he has ever been found guilty for wrong practices, any court case filed against him etc.
  • Office location is a major deciding factor. The doctor’s office must be well connected so it would be easier to carry your kids along.
  • The office timings hold equal importance. You must ensure the office timings suit your schedule. Give a call to the doctor’s office to check with the timings and working days.
  • Make sure that the consultant physician you want to visit accepts new patients and is readily available. You might not want be in the queue for long hours or waiting tenaciously to get an appointment booked on phone. Ask whether the doctor entertains patients running short on time. Check whether he can be approached for emergency cases.
  • You would like to the consultant physician to be dedicated and forthcoming. He must listen to your concerns and clear your doubts, if any. A healthy discussion of various diseases and treatments will give you a fair idea of his experience and approach. If you are unable to decide whether to go for a male or female doctor, trust your instincts on that.
  • Ask for referrals from friends, relatives, other medical professionals. Such individuals can help you select the right consultant physician because word-of-mouth still prevails.


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