Different types of sleep disorders

At the end of a tiring, hectic day, all you need is a good 6-8 hours night’s sleep. Sleep is mandatory for body’s proper functioning and good health, however, its full benefits are yet to surface. Most people sleep at night, but due to night shifts and duties, some go to bed post sunrise. Sleep is not just a “time-out” thing; it’s actually a necessity for renewal of our physical and mental well-being. Not getting adequate sleep can cause dizziness, accidents, affects understanding, power of concentration and memory. It’s typical not to get required sleep once in a while, but when it happens regularly, things might change. You may encounter what is commonly known as sleep disorder.

A sleep disorder is a condition where an individual is unable to fall asleep, remaining awake. It can result in sleep walking and night tremors. You are suffering from a sleep disorder if you feel fatigued during the day, have issues focusing or possess a tired looking face. Sleep disorders are of multiple types:


Commonly known as sleep deprivation, insomnia is a common sleeping problem which occurs due to multiple reasons primarily stress, inappropriate sleeping posture, disturbed sleeping schedule etc. Some of the signs and symptoms of insomnia include watery eyes, heavy eyes, inability to concentrate, undue yawning and so on. It is difficult to treat insomnia especially when there are many factors behind it. It is best to visit an ENT doctor and get the root cause of insomnia diagnosed.


It is a condition where the patient wakes up from sleeping due to breathing problems. In sleep apnoea, the breathing becomes very low while he’s asleep. The lack of oxygen forces the person to awaken from sleep. There is also constant gasping, choking or snoring. Sleep apnoea is usually disruptive and common in fat people. In such cases, it is beneficial to exercise and lose excessive weight or alter sleep position ensuring proper air flow. If symptoms persist, consult with an ENT doctor.  


Arguably the most annoying sleep disorder is snoring. The person sleeping next to the person who snores feels disturbed. Snoring can be a result of excess weight, wrong sleeping posture, narrowing of the airway or presence of physical deviation in the nose or throat region. Because of narrowing airways passage, the person is unable to breathe properly leading to snoring. There are numerous ways to control snoring. Some natural methods can be used to stop snoring. However, consultation with an ENT doctor is the best bet.


This type of disorder is unexplained because despite getting appropriate sleep, people with this disorder are found feeling drowsy all the time. They encounter sudden weakness. People with narcolepsy have a tendency to sleep without any kind of warning. ENT specialists say that this condition happens due to lack of functionality of hypocretin (a brain chemical associated with sleep and wakefulness). This can spell danger as people suffering from narcolepsy can fall asleep while driving, walking, working, exercising, playing etc. which makes life complicating. 


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