How to make the most out of your doctor’s appointment

Visiting a doctor is a monotonous thing for some people. Certain things like endless wait, sick people around may add to your discomfort. Finally when you meet the doctor, you don’t get enough time to discuss your problem. It happens with most of the patients but how you make those few minutes effective is the key to getting the best of doctor. In order to make the best use of appointment time, Dr Aniruddha Malpani, helps you get precisely that.

A doctor-patient relationship depends on effective communication and belief, cultivated as time goes by and it’s worth taking the pain to maintain this relationship. Here are important tips that you need to keep in mind while or before discussing your problem.

  1. The doctor’s support staff plays a crucial role in your appointment and being a patient you need to know how the clinic operates. Be nice to the support staff and you’ll be treated nicely too! This can prove beneficial when you need to talk to the doctor urgently. Plus, they’ll let you know the best time to consult the doctor or who to call in case of an emergency.
  2. Educate your doctor about all the warning signs you have been experiencing. Remember, you don’t have to lie. This mistake can badly affect the treatment process. Do some homework prior to visiting. List your symptoms in a proper order starting from the first time you felt something wrong. In addition, inform your doctor about any medications you might have taken before. All this helps in devising the right treatment plan.
  3. Your doctor is no GOD and you have to help him get to the root cause of the disease by telling him everything you know and feel about your problem. Don’t be shy in discussing sex related problems with him. He has probably seen it all.
  4. Show your doctor the respect that he deserves. If you want him to give respect, you need to be equally respectful. If you don’t agree on a treatment plan, say it softly. Explain your requirements in a kind manner without showing any hostility.

In the end, you just need to be an ideal patient who takes an active interest in his medical care. It’s a real fact that those patients who know how to make the most of a doctor’s visit get superior medical care.


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