Drop that pill! Use natural remedies to get rid of headaches

Our body has this exceptional way of giving warnings and signals when we stretch things beyond limits. Whenever we skip a meal, sleep less than required, don’t consume enough fluids, the first sign our body sends is a headache – a warning that can’t be ignored. On a smarter note, it makes sense to get to the root cause of the problem rather than just pop a pill that gives you intermittent relief. Here are few natural ways you could try to assuage your headache.

  • Consume your daily requirement of water: As a result of dehydration, dryness within the body can trigger a headache. It’s better off to drink 8-10 glasses of water on a daily basis. When you sense a headache coming, drink a lot of water, possibly lukewarm water. Besides calming the nerves, it regulates proper bowel movements. Drinking warm water can help people in eradication of harmful toxins responsible for headache.
  • Oil Massage is extremely helpful: Not just any other oil but lavender and peppermint oils have relaxing properties which are beneficial for tension headaches. Pour few drops on your fingers and gently rub onto your forehead, temples and back of the neck. Sit quietly in a dark room with your eyes closed and as you breathe the vapours of these medicinal oils, you are bound to feel light.
  • Steam Inhalation: Nasal congestion and sinuses are also responsible for headaches and in such scenario, inhaling steam for a few minutes can clear the congestion and your headache will disappear without any discomfort. To reap maximum benefits, add few drops of above mentioned oils in your inhaler. Carry a handkerchief and dab a few drops of the oil. Frequently take a whiff of this and you will find your nasal blockage slowly easing.
  • Green Tea: With its antioxidant properties, green tea is known to be a superb remedy for headaches. Combine green tea with little quantity of lemon juice and drink warm.

One of the many ways for a headache is the lethargic lifestyle we live and the best way to keep a tab on headache is to lead a simple life. However, if things go out of the ways and it becomes difficult to control the symptoms, you can always visit your nearby neurologist.


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