Why in the hell we get pimples?

When the sebaceous glands, located at the base of hair follicles, become overactive, pimples breakout. And those sensitive and vulnerable parts of the body, such as the face, back, chest and shoulders, have the likelihood of growing pimples. The most common pimple is “pimple vulgaris” which happens mainly at puberty. Youths need to learn how to take precautions to prevent dirt or excessive oil from building so as not to attract bacteria growth on their skin; otherwise pores become infected, red spots are visible and can lead to skin scars.

Why Do We Get Pimples?

There are many causes that produce pimples, but we need to learn how pimples grow then we need to take the proper methods to prevent acne from growing and developing.

The sebaceous glands, which produce sebum, exist inside the pores of our skin. The outer layers of our skin are shed continuously. When pores are blocked with sebum, it will trigger bacteria growth; as a result the area on your face, for example, is more likely to grow pimples. The accumulation of bacteria in this area is high; pimples become visible, if proper treatment is not taken. The development of pimples will lead to an infection of the skin and spots.

The skin of people who are likely to grow pimples is mainly caused by their hormones. The hormone element produced by their body makes the sebaceous glands produce excessive sebum which leads to dead skin cells clogging up and increasing the probability of pore blockage.

Stress also raises hormone production; as a consequence, hormones lead to pimple growth and development.

If your parents suffered pimples when they were young, the possibility you might have pimples is high. In order to avoid pimple breakout, you’d better take precautionary measures to avoid them from spreading all over your face.

If you are aware of your biological body conditions, such as hyper sebaceous glands, you must take it into account and consult your general physician or nutritionist to obtain proper precautionary measures so as to prevent pimple breakouts.

When young people enter puberty, hormones are produced more intensely. This change in hormones leads to sebaceous glands becoming overactive; as a result, your body produces more sebum and pimples breakout.

Some people neglect cleaning their face regularly, excessive oil appears on their face and blocks a pores natural breath, which results in the possibility of bacteria growing in skin pores and causing pimple breakouts.

Up to now you have known what causes pimple breakouts, in order to cease pimples from growing and developing, you should live healthy and strive to improve your skin quality and look. There are many natural ways to get rid of pimples that you can adopt and do at home.

Eat Vitamin C rich fruits and vegetables as well as lean, protein-rich meats. Don’t eat spicy foods because spicy sources will trigger hormone production and it leads to pimple breakouts. Have a sufficient amount of sleep to keep your skin breathing smoothly at night time. Exercise regularly to keep fit. Wash your face and keep it clean regularly.

In order to gain a comprehensive knowledge of avoiding growing pimples, you should consult your nutritionist or therapist; you can’t randomly pick a remedy and assume it will work on your health condition. A thorough medical check-up is necessary in addition to a healthy diet and sufficient outdoor exercise to maintain a healthy condition.



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