Intensive Pediatric Physiotherapy

Paediatric Physiotherapy is meant for diagnosing congenital and non-congenital disorders along with growth delay in children. Paediatric physiotherapy process is extremely helpful in detecting issues with children at an early stage. Physiotherapists are certified in treating and managing children having growth, congenital, skeletal and neuro-muscular disorders. Such type of treatment focuses on humanising coordination and balance, motor skills, flexibility and strength. The therapy at the same time also targets overall improvement and incorporation at the cognitive and sensory levels.

The process of physiotherapy is associated with improving sitting, standing, walking and crawling of infants. Esteemed physiotherapists in ensure that they provide the best available treatment to children. The duration of the procedure varies according to the patient and severity of the problem. Children with disabilities or who are unenthusiastic walkers may require short term physiotherapy. On the contrary, long term physiotherapy may be given to children with developmental problems. Most common disorders in children like cerebral palsy, torticollis and spina bifida are successfully treated by paediatric physiotherapy.

Torticollis is a paediatric condition in which the long muscle of the neck is shortened resulting in reduced neck movement. There are effective physiotherapy techniques that are used to treat this condition. Spina bifida or commonly known as a neural tube defect can also be treated with physiotherapy procedures. Cerebral palsy is a perennial neurological issue which is effectively treated with a paediatric physiotherapy program.

Some of the major therapeutic services provided by physiotherapists in are intensive training in early intervention, neuro development, sensory integration, myofascial release, fabrication of splints and casts, functional mobility, treatment for urinary incontinence, pain management, electrical stimulation, and hippotherapy. An exhaustive paediatric physiotherapy deals with the healing of children recuperating from physical injuries, fractures and other ailments. A career in paediatric physiotherapy is actually satisfying because people get to reform the lives of many children and have the indulgence of helping them get back to their normal lives.

Paediatric physiotherapy aims at preventing disability, minimising pain and improving the patients’ functions. Its main objective is to make sure the disordered child gets up quickly and start his/her daily routines. Through appropriate guidance, medication and physical exercises, physiotherapists in help patients regain their physical strength. The procedure requires a long thought and includes proper diagnosis, devising the best treatment plan, educating the children to perform exercises, assessing different stages and more. Individuals choosing this profession should be highly professional, socially active and interaction with the patients and other caregivers.


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