The most common women health conditions

Ever thought why your mom and grand-mom are fit as steel even though they didn’t had access to gyms and plethora of eating options like we have now? While swift modernisation and redefinition of gender responsibilities have strengthen women with freedom and power but sadly, it has taken a toll on their health. Here are topmost health conditions that a woman goes through in her life.

Premenstrual syndrome (PMS)

Men who have no idea about PMS and what females go through during that phase often crack jokes on them. Abdominal pain, bloating, breast tenderness, muscular pain, constipation, mood swings are some of the prevalent symptoms that occur 1-2 week prior periods. Some females may suffer from a severe kind of PMS named Premenstrual Dysphoric disorder (PMDD).


If you though issues with the monthly cycle ends here, you are wrong in multiple ways. Every month the cells of the inner lining of womb get inflamed and thicker, and shed during the cycle. Endometriosis is a condition where these cells grow in the other parts of the body mainly in the abdomen area. It causes intermittent bleeding accompanied by extreme pelvic pain which stretches to legs. The problem with Endometriosis is that it is not your fault. The condition is hereditary.


Most of the women leading urbanised life suffer from fibroids. They are usually detected when women visit gynaecologist due to irregular and heavy bleeding during periods or when they face problems while conceiving. Fibroids are fibrous growth in the uterus which grow very slowly and formed in response to oestrogen. On occasions, they can grow weighing several kilos and cause extreme discomfort during sexual intercourse and regular urination.

Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is the worst thing that can happen to a woman. According to breast surgeons, approximately 4 out of 5 breast cancer patients in India are at an advanced stage when they arrive at the hospital. The data shows urban women are vulnerable to breast cancer as compared with rural women because of no fitness, sedentary lifestyle, bad food, unlimited alcohol consumption, late marriages and several other reasons. Some of the warning signs include rash around the nipples, discharge, lump in the breast etc.

Considering a woman has to go through many changes physically and mentally all her life, you can make simple adjustments to your lifestyle and keep these diseases at bay.


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