Is it the right time to seek marriage counselling?

Marriages were used to be life-long relationships. Considering the astonishing rate at which marriages are being broken, the life-long relationship is losing its true meaning. Even a slightest of argument can lead to choosing different life paths. Patience and adjustment levels of nowadays couples have surprisingly changed which often paves way to divorce. Even divorce rates are high, but decision to separate depends on partner’s level of understanding, religious beliefs along with many other factors.

While divorce may be the safest option for many couples, some however, give their relationship another shot with marriage counselling. Most of the time it works perfectly as it helps both husband and wife realise the reality of being together. It’s hard to determine when the marriage counsellors should step in. Here are some quick-fire reasons which may help:

  • Lack of communication is detrimental to any relationship, not only marriage. Once it goes in the wrong direction, it is difficult to pull back. Feeble communication includes words that may harm the feelings of one partner leaving him/her depressed, disheartened, disregarded etc. It is important to tone down while speaking as it’s not always what you say, but how you say it.
  • When there is lack of belief in any of the partners, the relationship is bound to fail. For instance, recovering from an affair is nearly impossible. However, if both the partners are dedicated to being faithful, the marriage may be salvaged.
  • When a couple disagrees or argues, a break can be a blessing in disguise. Sometimes, it is just a matter of time. The heat of the argument may subside after a short while. A skilled marriage counsellor can help the couple sort out negative feelings and find better ways to express them.
  • When couples, just for the sake of their children are staying together. They believe they are doing the right thing but fact of the matter is if they are unwilling to compromise, it may affect the children’s mental growth. A marriage counsellor is at his very best dealing in such issues.

All relationships cannot be retrieved. Once you let go your partner, there are minimal chances of him/her getting back. That is why marriage counselling plays an important role in salvaging marriages.         


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