Parkinson’s disease-Notice the symptoms and causes responsible

Parkinson’s disease is a neurological progressive disorder that strikes the body’s movements. It grows slowly and sometimes goes unnoticed. The reason being the tremor can start in one hand and gradually spread to other body parts. While tremor might be the commonest sign of it, the disorder mostly hampers the movement of hands and legs etc.

In the initial phase, there may be no expressions on your face. You might face some difficulties speaking. The symptoms of Parkinson’s disease worsen as your condition progresses.

Till date, no cure has been found for Parkinson’s disease. Though, certain medications can surely improve your symptoms. In some cases, your neurologist may recommend surgery to mobilise certain regions of brain in order to enhance your symptoms.

The Symptoms

The warning bells ring differently and ranges from person to person. Early signs may get unnoticed and one side of the body gets more affected than the other despite the disease spreading to the whole body. The symptoms may include:

  • Shaking of fingers or hands. There may be development of pill-rolling tremor prominently known as “a back and forth rubbing of forefinger and thumb.”
  • Over the course of time, you may feel body movements and joints restricted. The disease has a significant impact on functionality of the bones leading to slowing of movement. This makes daily tasks consume more time and difficult. Because of the restricted movements, walking may become intricate and you may find moving from one place to another challenging. In addition, your feet may get stuck to the floor and you find difficult to walk.
  • Muscle stiffness can happen in any part of your body. You will feel pain and discomfort and it can restrict your range of motion.
  • One of the odd things you will face is the change in the way you speak and talk. You may hesitate, speak fast or softly. You may notice repetitiveness in your speech.
  • Tremor in the hand will affect your writing style. It may become shaky.

Elements responsible

Nothing much is in knowledge as to how this disease occurs. But certain factors are associated with it:

  • Certain genetic mutations have been sighted by researchers, but it is not common. However, polymorphisms significantly increase the risk of Parkinson’s disease.
  • Regular exposure to environment toxins are linked with Parkinson, but the risk is very small.

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