Women’s Inclination Towards Painless Deliveries

Motherhood is the most cherished dream for a woman. A couple’s relationship is complete when they become parents. However, first time conceivers are filled with questions and queries for which they turn to their elders, peers and of course the internet. It is normal to develop fear for labour pain during child birth.

The view point of pain during labour varies according to the individual. It will be different in first-timers than second-timers. Women who have never conceived before require appropriate counselling about nutritional diet, exercises and education on labour pains. This blog focuses on dealing with labour and delivery.

Overtime, anaesthesia has made rapid progress and it has helped pregnant women conceive without too much discomfort. These days more and more pregnant women are opting for a painless deliveries and they have their valid reasons too. Epidural anaesthesia is generally used by gynaecologists and surgeons. It is injected near the spinal cord.

Advantages of Epidural anaesthesia

  • Close to 100% relief from the pain and discomfort with the patient being active.
  • No ill after effects like headache as it happens with general anaesthesia.
  • Patient is alert and conscious throughout the labour process.
  • A follow-up delivery process can be performed with same anaesthesia, if necessary.
  • If the patient requires a surgery, the effect of anaesthesia can be augmented easily.

Disadvantages of Epidural anaesthesia

There are different methods by which a pregnant woman can have painless delivery or delivery with lesser pain. Each of these methods has some pros and cons. Let’s take a look:


There are some pranayamas and asans which could be performed during pregnancy and these have proven beneficial for a painless delivery. Two very significant pranayam and yoga for painless delivery are Bhramari Pranayama and Baddhakonasana. Both these pranayamas have different functionality.

Hypnosis for painless delivery

Hypnosis is a process of allowing mind and body to deeply relax. Suggestions are given which helps in deducing contractions as a feeling that is allowed and not to oppose them. Some people believe hypnosis means being controlled by other person. However, it is not entirely true.


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