What are the benefits of Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy is a medical science that includes evaluating, diagnosing and treatment of a range of disorders and disabilities through the use of physical approach. This speciality is practised by professionals who are referred to as physiotherapists.

Physiotherapists are vastly trained practitioners who can identify imbalances in the body. They provide help in aiming specific areas in the body where pain is felt and then prescribe a suitable plan of action. Prescription of exercises and physiotherapy exercises are meant for not just improving overall body functionality but also reducing stress levels.

Why exercises are important for the body?

When you suffer from an injury, the discomfort felt should give you a fair idea as to where the sensitive areas are located. Physiotherapists believe there are two types of pain (i) Pain due to stiffness (ii) Pain due to damage. Pain due to stiffness may wear off once you finish exercising. Experiencing pain means that your muscles are damaged and need to be repaired to prevent extensive damage. Pain due to damage can be intolerable which an indicator that your muscles are hampered.

Once physiotherapists determine the cause and extent of pain, they will ask you to perform different physiotherapy exercises. There are virtually hundreds of physiotherapy exercises for several injuries ranging from neck, shoulder, lower back, knee, joints etc. Your physiotherapist may prescribe some stretching exercises for you.

How physiotherapy exercises help to improve muscle endurance?

Physiotherapy exercises are aimed at muscle deficiencies and help to recover patients after an injury or undergoing surgery. These exercises are often used to enhance the patients’ strengths, functionality and flexibility as well as to lessen the pain and inflammation in the affected body part. Physiotherapists time and again stipulate simple and easy home-based physiotherapy exercises and also provide patients with easy handouts consisting manuals or guides. People have started to give positive consent to physiotherapy as they believe these exercises are more effective in patients who have osteoarthritis of the knee or low back injury.

Exercises are quintessential in management of a range of health issues and different injuries. Supervised physiotherapy exercise programs contain several exercises that are prescribed by trained physiotherapists and are done according to the patient’s health and fitness level. Apart from being experts in movement disabilities, physiotherapists are also adept at developing physiotherapy exercises as well as exercise prescription therapies that fits the needs of individual patients.


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