Important tips for baby skin care

Many of us would do anything to have gorgeous and soft skin like that of a baby, which is easier said than done! Baby skin requires loads of care, as it is so sensitive. Most mothers would know this fact by now. A baby’s skin is very soft and tender, and therefore so gorgeous as well. This is because the production of melanin is in low proportions in babies. Therefore, you must be really careful when you use strong lotions or creams on your child’s soft skin. Baby skin care should begin from the bathing of the baby for proper cleaning, especially of the diaper area. Because their skin is so sensitive to the environment around, you would have to be very careful about their skin care routine.

Taking Care of a Baby’s Skin

  • Always use products that are meant specifically for soft and sensitive baby skin. Go in for reputed brands, as you can never take a chance! Use a mild and gentle soap and shampoos that are really low in harsh chemical content. A baby’s skin also readily absorbs any lotion you may use on the skin, so avoid strong moisturisers. Use a light cream in the winter season.
  • Newborns need not always be bathed daily, as their skin is very delicate. Giving your baby a sponge bath would be more appropriate. Use a soft cloth to dab the body dry. Too much soap can dry out skin.
  • Once you finish bathing your baby, use a soft cloth and clean the folds of the skin carefully. Be especially attentive to the neck area, area behind the ears, the diaper area, etc. A little moisturiser can be applied here in case the area is too dry. Avoid bathing the baby too often in the winter season.
  • Due to all the diaper changes, one needs to be particularly careful to note if your baby has any particular rashes caused by any specific brand. When you wipe and clean your baby’s bottom, do not rub the area roughly. You will need to be attentive in this case, as failing to do so can cause infections or rash around this area. Use warm water along with a good cleansing product to clean the baby’s bottom. Sometimes, dusting some talcum powder on the area can help. Always try to avoid the use of alcohol-based baby wipes that can cause more irritation to the skin.
  • You must be aware that sudden changes in the atmosphere can cause further irritation to the skin. Therefore, always protect your baby’s skin from harsh sunlight and strong winds. Use a cover to shield the baby while you are travelling.
  • If your baby has itchy skin at night, then dampen a cloth in cold water and pat it over the area. Use some soothing moisturiser over this.
  • Always ensure that you dress up your baby in loose-fitting clothes. This will help for better air circulation and prevent your child from sweating and feeling uncomfortable during the day. When the nights are warm, use a thin and soft sheet for the baby.
  • Always keep the bedding very clean, as your baby may be allergic to dust mites, which can also trigger off a rash. Therefore, using clean pillow covers and bedspreads can help to avoid such rashes and skin irritations.

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