Happy Independence Day: Let’s pledge to free ourselves from the tangle of wrong information

People find it difficult to find clinical information on doctors over the internet, but when they do, it is often misleading. With that being said, there are many healthcare portals which guarantee authentic information of doctors along with the service of booking online appointments with them. However, things change for worse when a patient books online appointment, gets it confirmed, but sadly reaches the wrong place because address given to him/her was wrong. One can easily understand what that patient is going through. The question here arises; how can you free yourself from this trouble? The answer lies in next paragraph.

Lazoi Lifecare, with its operating domain www.lazoi.com, offers slew of services like booking online appointments with doctors, booking lab tests online, buying medicines online under one roof. With only one user account, you can get access to all these features. The information of all the doctors and laboratories associated with the company is 100% authentic, as declared by the company. To make sure patients don’t stumble upon at the wrong address, there’s always a support team helping them reach the right address of the doctor’s clinic. However, the journey from being a start-up to being the leader in Indian healthcare industry, where patients have faith in the company has been tough.

Mr. Suvro Ghosh, Founder of Lazoi said, “Our journey was not a smooth one. It was full of obstacles and challenges thrown to us at every step. To begin with, nobody was buying the idea that appointment with doctors can be made online. Adding to our worries were doctors themselves who had no idea that a simple software can take care of their practice. Initially, they were cynical about our services. But we were adamant in making ourselves trustworthy. With only handful of employees, we started what was a difficult battle. We fought and came out winning. After months of toil, we were able to gain faith of both doctors and patients. That was the sign that we’re hitting in the right direction.”

Now imagine being on the wrong side of information. That’s where Lazoi Lifecare scores. The company checks the credentials, registration, practising licence of the doctors thoroughly. Only after thorough checks, doctors are registered with Lazoi. So there’s no chance of patients getting wrong information.

This Independence Day (15th August) lets’ take a pledge that we’ll not surrender to any false doctor information. Let us trust our trusted sources. Let us all be free from the troubles of wrong information.



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