Why Olive Oil Should Be an Essential Part of Your Diet

There are several ways to go about your health. It depends on each individual how they treat their health. Some people are extremely health conscious while some tend to neglect it. These days most people, especially teenagers are too much into junk food. They depend on it without worrying about the consequences they are going to face in the future.

Leaving all the junk food aside, what do you eat on a daily basis?

Most people think that homemade food is the healthiest. Though this is true, it’s not a foregone conclusion. Many of us take cooking oil for granted as we think that it matters little what oil we use. Predominantly we all know that there are four major kinds, namely:

  • Mustard
  • Soya bean
  • Rice
  • Olive

All four have a distinct element that separates them from the rest, and it depends on the individuals as to what kind they use. Out of all the different kinds mentioned above, olive oil is definitely the most popular and healthier choice.

Major benefits of using olive oil

  • Reduces the chances of diabetes: Several researches have proven the fact that people who implement these in their diet tend to be free from diabetes than those who use other kinds.
  • Diminish heart problems: High cholesterol generally causes heart problems. Using olive oil in your cooking can rapidly decrease cholesterol levels.
  • Hastens weight loss: If you are following a strict diet to lose weight, using them in your cooking can help burn calories.
  • Lesser risk of cancer: Due to the presence of antioxidants, they are great for reducing the risk of any cancer.
  • Improves the strength of the bone: They absorb calcium that in turn strengthens your bones. It is especially helpful for those who suffer from osteoporosis.
  • Relief from constipation: If you suffer from constipation, use this cooking item in your diet as they act as a lubricant in clearing your digestive system.

Predominantly there are three different types of olive oil

  • Refined: Using industrial processes, flavours are added to them to make them taste better
  • Unrefined: Devoid of any chemicals, they are extracted and bottled immediately
  • Extra virgin: Having a fruity essence, they are the best in taste

If you don’t take your health seriously now, you have to face its grave consequences a few years down the line. Act fast and see to it that you follow a healthy lifestyle and good eating habit.


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