World Heart Day 2016: Your heart is your soul, keep it safe!

On World Heart Day, leaders and organisations across the world are busy imparting valuable knowledge about heart diseases. Each year, World Heart Day is observed with a particular theme in mind.

India is home to some 30 million heart patients and as many as two lakh surgeries are being performed every year. Cardiovascular diseases have plagued a major part of the urban as well as rural population. The major challenges faced by heart patients include inadequate facilities, limited accessibility, expensive treatment, and a higher degree of ignorance and lack of awareness in comparison to the West.

Contrary to popular belief, heart diseases are not limited to the urban population. Yes, the lifestyle habits of the urban populace are very much responsible for the growth of heart disease cases in India. With fast food outlets sprouting across the length and breadth of the country and delivery services gaining fresh momentum every quarter, we’re spending a lot on food which isn’t really good for our health.

The growth of heart diseases depends on a web of inter-linked factors. These include lifestyle habits, exposure to bad foods, access to quality healthcare, awareness about heart diseases, and more. Thus, people residing in rural areas are also at risk and the socio-economic sphere in which one resides also has a huge impact.

Heart diseases across the world claim 17.3 million lives every year and India has been contributing to the numbers at a rapid pace, especially over the past two decades. Air pollution and other harmful side-product of development and urbanisation have put the human heart under immense pressure.

As an individual, there are several things that one can do to help protect the heart. Eating a variety of foods including fresh fruits, going for a simple jog every morning, keeping a check on your weight, limiting the intake of salt and sugar, are all ways to take care of your heart. Routine checkups and minding the small things is another way of ensuring that you stay away from heart diseases. To sum it up, if you chalk out a plan to keep your heart safe and healthy, you must put your heart into it!

Cardiovascular diseases not only affect older people but also children because of poor diet and physical inactivity. One should create a healthy heart environment to prevent oneself from heart related diseases.


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