World Vegetarian Day: Best advice for Vegetarian Beginners

World vegetarian day is celebrated globally on October 1st. This day is celebrated to create awareness about the benefits of vegetarian lifestyle and encourage others to become vegetarian. A vegetarian is one who does not eat meat and whose diet is filled with fruits and vegetables, mostly the food items that come from plants.

Becoming healthy is a strong objective that a large number of people strive to attain. One of the numerous ideas that a lot of people have about this endeavour is finding the perfect diet to follow and the perfect foods to eat. Although there are so many different experts out there claiming that their diet is the best, no one argues the significance of vegetables and whole foods in a healthy diet. To take the healthy benefits of vegetables even further, there are many different vegetarian eating habits that you can learn in order to maximise your health.

The wide range of plants found in nature offer us almost every vital macro- and micro-nutrient we need. From protein, carbohydrates, and fats to vitamins and minerals, you will never be short on nutrition if you choose a healthy mix of plants.

For those just starting out on a plant-based or vegetarian diet, one sure fire way to achieve a “healthy mix of plants” actually lies more in the colour of the plants. Although it is highly encouraged that you see a nutritionist or do your own research into the field, it is generally accepted that simply by eating a wide range of coloured fruits and vegetables you will be able to get all of the necessary nutrients each day. This means not simply eating green salads and apples every day. It means you will have to be adventurous!

As mentioned above, your dietitian/nutritionist will be able to fully explain the benefits and methods of eating a plant-based diet. At the same time, doing your own research on the internet or through books is a great way to learn some of the basics! It will also help you prepare questions to ask your nutritionist when you have a visit.

One of the best facets of eating a vegetarian diet is the ability to customise your personal menu to match your tastes. A plant-based diet is common all over the world, and many cultures have their own interpretations of healthy vegetarian styles of cooking. It would be beneficial for those interested in the vegetarian lifestyle to study international diets to find new recipes and even new vegetables from around the world.

Many foods native to areas around the world are now available for us in our local supermarkets. These foods have been used for centuries as foods and medicines by various cultures. Learning about how these cultures used their foods will help you learn how to get the most out of them.

Finally, the best advice anyone can give someone just starting out on a vegetarian or plant-based diet is to have fun and experiment! Almost anything can be made into a soup or stew. The same goes for smoothies. The point is that there is a whole world of new foods opening up to you when you choose this lifestyle. Find the ones you like, find new ways to work with them, and find a new level of health for you and your family!


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