World Trauma Day: Accidental deaths are on the rise

World Trauma Day is celebrated on 17th October each year around the world. The day showcases the need to prevent deaths and disabilities caused by the increasing rate of accidents.

Trauma refers to any injury cause to the body. The injury may happen because of road accidents, fires, burns, falls, acts of violence and crimes against women, kids or old-age people. Amongst the leading causes of accidental deaths is road accident. Injuries caused by road accidents may lead to temporary or permanent disability while some may even cause demise. Approx 5 million people around the word die from accident injuries each year. When compared with India, around 1 million accidental deaths and 20 million are hospitalised each year due to injuries. Diseases caused due to trauma are increasing at a sharp rate. The situation is alarming because of more than one reason. Accidental deaths not only increases the mortality rate, but also affects the nation’ overall productivity since a major portion of young population is involved in road accidents. Therefore, we should take proper care to prevent road accidents.

How can we prevent trauma? 

  • Always follow and encourage others to follow road safety rules
  • Never jump a signal and pay attention to warning signs
  • Don’t go riding a two-wheeler without wearing helmet
  • Don’t use mobile phone or play loud music while on road
  • While on long drive, a short becomes the necessity
  • Always keep a first-aid kit in your vehicle
  • In order to prevent falls, make sure your stairs, windows, balconies and roofs are properly secured
  • Learn basic life support techniques and help the injured

What we should not do?

  • Do not drink and drive
  • Do not take the wheel if you are feeling sleepy or tired
  • Don’t take risks in case you are in a hurry
  • Do not operate machinery that are typical in nature
  • In case of a spinal injury, do not move the person from the site of accident as it may lead to serious back or neck injuries
  • Do not give fluids to any unconscious or semi-conscious traumatised person

What to do when someone meets with an accident?

  • Immediately call emergency helpline number and get all the possible assistance. Every second is important for the injured person. It is crucial for him/her to receive medical care at the earliest.
  • Inform the police about the details of the accident.



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