Lazoi Lifecare announces the launch of smartphone app for Apple and Android users

Lazoi Lifecare Private Limited, a paramount online healthcare portal which offers comprehensive healthcare services ranging from booking doctor’s appointments online to finding the best deals on diagnostic lab tests and much more. Since its inception, Lazoi has launched several innovative features for the convenience of both the doctors and patients. An addition of one such new feature is a distinguished mobile application that Lazoi has come up with. The app launch further cements the company’s reputation of being the country’s numnero-uno online healthcare service provider. This robust health app is now available for iPhone and Android users, absolutely free. The advent of mobile application showcases how technology has evolved in the past decade.

Lazoi’s healthcare app empowers both the doctor and patient in terms of connectivity. A patient can search a doctor of his/her choice from over 60K+ qualified medical professionals having expertise in 75+ super specialities (from dentists, ENTs to oncologists, nephrologists) and quickly book appointment. The app makes it highly convenient for patients to select the right physician because they get to compare them on the basis of experience, consultation fees, time of availability, clinic location etc. If they are happy with the doctor’s services, the app also enables them to recommend him/her. Similarly, patients can choose from a wide range of clinics and hospitals as well.

Sometimes, for some reasons, a patient may wish to cancel or reschedule a particular appointment booked over the app. In that case, Lazoi’s healthcare app has this unique feature of cancelling/rescheduling appointment in a matter of few taps. Both the patient and doctor receive instant SMS and email, displaying the appointment status. Plus, there is round-the-clock fanatical support for patients as well as doctors.

One venerable feature of Lazoi’s healthcare app which takes it to the top of the list is SOS feature. This feature empowers patients to set any three contact numbers of their choice as SOS numbers which can be used in time of a medical emergency. SOS feature gets activated when the selected three people accept requests to be the patients’ SOS contact.

The app also has a doctor’s login section which makes it possible for them to keep track of their appointment schedule, give suggestions to various patients and make changes regarding their appointments. Moreover, they can reply to various health related queries posted by patients. This ‘Ask a Query’ feature allows patients to ask health related questions to doctors and get response within 24 hours, at no cost. It is primarily beneficial to patients who are looking for expert advice online or a second opinion.

Mr. Suvro Ghosh (Founder and CEO of Lazoi Lifecare Private Limited) said, “We are launching the app with plethora of new features and at the same time aiming to add many more in future. We are continuously engaged in making the app more user-friendly and provide a greater range of medical services under one roof. Since the app can be easily accessed from major metro cities across the country, we’re looking to expand its services to tier-2 cities soon.”


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