7 important things to know about Angiography

If you are experiencing chest pain, breathing problems or uneasiness, then it is wise to book an appointment with a doctor and get a proper diagnosis. And if the doctor suspects any heart problem, he will surely suggest angiography to know the number and percentage of blockages. Though, few individuals know about angiography and how does it work. Given below are some key points regarding angiography everyone must know.

  • People usually don’t know about what medicines should be stopped before going for an angiography. Cardiologists say that if you’re a diabetic and on medication, then it should be stopped on the day of angiography. However, if you are taking blood-thinning medications, then it should be continued.
  • Fasting for around two hours before the procedure is necessary if you are planning to go for an angiography. But one should abstain from a heavy breakfast on the day of angiography.
  • Angiography normally takes around 15 – 20 minutes as it only involves detection of any clots in the heart, which block the blood flow. Knowing about the procedure helps in better preparation.
  • Angiography is performed under local anaesthesia, which means that the patients are aware of what is happening unlike general anaesthesia, where you do not know what is being done. It’s better to let the doctor know if you are not ready to undergo the procedure.
  • If the doctor advises to undergo angioplasty after angiography, it must be done in the same sitting (at that particular moment). This is because the tube is already inserted into the heart and only a wire has to be passed through the tube for angioplasty.
  • If the patient or family member objects to angioplasty, then the tube is removed, the patient is sent home and asked to come back again. When the patient comes back, the entire process is repeated.
  • If the angiography is done through the hand, the patient can go home in two hours. At present, this is the preferred choice for angiography unlike earlier where the tube was inserted through the groin.

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