How to protect yourself from Delhi’s deadly air

With Diwali celebrations over and festivity reaching towards the end, people in Delhi are witnessing hazy morning everyday post Diwali. With the winters setting in, some of them are trying to corner the deadly atmosphere as fog. However, all of them know the real reason behind the hazy mornings- cracker bursting during Diwali.

The amount of crackers Delhi people burst this Diwali has made the already polluted air implausibly toxic to breathe. The PM10 levels have crossed all the safety limits this year. The air is so toxic that we can actually see and smell the pollution. This prompts us to take necessary steps to protect ourselves from respiratory problems and other breathing troubles.

  • It is time to rev up the immunity: The season is changing and with added pollution, people are more prone falling sick or at least catching a cold. It is important that you keep a check on your diet. Also drink plenty of fluids to ensure your immunity fights the diseases.
  • Wear a pollution mask before stepping out: Sitting at home is not an option, but wearing a pollution mask before stepping out can reduce the chances of getting affected. A good mask should be able to contain all the dust particles from the air. Pulmonologists recommend N95 and N99 pollution masks which are extremely effective and easily available at local medical shops.
  • Stay away from construction sites: Since construction sites produce large amount of dust, steps must be taken to control it as much as possible.
  • Roads need cleaning up: Roads must be regularly washed instead of sweeping as it will throw dust in the air. Washing them will settle the dust.
  • Grow and keep more plants: We all know how trees help in purifying the air. Plants release oxygen, something which is necessary for life to survive. Hence, it’s sensible to grow more plants.

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