How exercises can save you from these prominent cancers

Things can be devastating when you are diagnosed with cancer. Though cancer diagnosis can be one of the most heart-breaking experiences, some cancers can be prevented by taking appropriate measures. Experts believe half of all cancer deaths can be avoided if one follows healthy lifestyle.

One of the most effective measures to prevent cancer is exercise. By getting yourself involved in daily exercise routine, you can take care of excess body weight, improve stamina and blood pressure and keep various health conditions at bay. Even doctors suggest that physical activity can decrease risk for multiple cancer, especially breast cancer and colon cancer.

Based on various studies, following are various cancers which can be prevented by daily exercise.

Endometrial cancer

According to a study, women who exercise for 3 hours or more a week are less likely to have endometrial cancer when compares to those who are less active. Women who have a BMI of <25 are at reduced risk of endometrial cancer, while women with BMI of >25 are at great risk of the same. Individuals with BMI of more than 25 are considered overweight.

Colorectal cancer

Another study found that people who follow a healthy lifestyle and exercise for more than half hour daily are at reduced risk of colorectal cancer. Institute of Cancer Epidemiology in Copenhagen stated that men and women between the ages of 50 and 64 who eat a balanced diet and exercise regularly are 23% less risk of colorectal cancer.

Prostate cancer

Different studies from across the globe have indicated that people who exercise persistently and eat a healthy diet are less likely to develop destructive prostate cancer.  A study conducted by European Journal of Epidemiology revealed that men who are involved in recreational exercise have reduced risk of developing stage-3 prostate cancer as compared to those who follow a lethargic lifestyle.

Breast cancer

Breast cancer risks increases immensely if it runs in the family. However, according to a study, even if it runs in the family, 20 minutes of regular moderate exercise can cut the risk by one-fourth. Moreover, by giving up sedentary lifestyle, one can benefit from reduced breast cancer risk. According to some studies, following an exercise regime during adolescence may delay the onset of breast cancer for women carrying faulty BRCA genes.

Ovarian cancer

Some studies show a connection between exercise and minimised risk of Stage-2 ovarian cancer.  Women who engage in vigorous exercises are less likely to develop severed form of ovarian cancer when compared with those who are hardly involved in any form of physical activity.

Now that you know that regular physical exercise can improve your fitness which in turn reduces your cancer risk, it’s time to step on the accelerator before it gets too late.


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