Children’s Day 2016: Awesome things to do with children

children's day.png

Children’s Day is celebrated every year in India on 14th November. The day is celebrated as the birthday of India’s first Prime Minister, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. On this special day, take the day off and spend some crucial time with your children. Here are some overwhelming ideas that are fun, healthy and can help strengthen your bond.

Head back to the Mother Nature: Take your children to the park, have some fresh air and get some sunlight. You and your children will get some exercise; have fun and a deserving break from everyday monotony. Engaging in some physical activity in a space free from pollution can have a tremendous effect on the body’s health and rejuvenation.

Make your children’s favourite dishes: With the perfect blend of food and flavour, kids and their parents normally choose taste over health when it comes to food. But healthy food can be as delicious as junk food. Take some time off to prepare some mouth watering delicacies for your children. They’ll surely love it.

Read together: Reading has multiple benefits, right from removing stress to boosting memory. Reading on a tablet or smartphone may deprive you and your children from these benefits. Hence, go for book reading. Pick up a good book and encourage your child to do so too.  

Give Yoga a chance to replenish: Yoga has all the potent tools to enhance health, joy and peace, and can be practised by anyone over 7 years of age. It’s best to indulge in some Yoga asans performed under a certified yoga practitioner.

Plant a tree with your children: What’s more relishing than nurturing a sapling together? This Children’s Day, plant a tree with your kids and help bring a positive change in the climate. Caring for the tree will embrace a sense of inclusiveness in your children.

Remember, Children’s Day is a day tailor made for children. Although, it’s good to spend time with your children, just spare a thought for those who don’t have parents. Spare a thought for those under-privileged kids. On this special day, take a pledge to help poor children who are in dire need.   

Lazoi Team wishes you a happy Children’s Day 2016!


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