Most popular cosmetic surgery procedures performed in India


If you are one of those individuals who is not happy seeing your body in mirror then you are probably not alone. There are millions of people who are not happy with their looks, and thus look for ways to improve it. This is where cosmetic surgery can come to your rescue. Over the years spanning last decade, demand for cosmetic surgery procedures among people of all age groups has soared, signifying its importance in modern day society. If you are considering going under the knife, then given below are some of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures performed in India.

Breast surgery – It is an ideal option for women whose breasts are not in proportion with other body parts. Whether your breasts have lost firmness post child delivery, too small, have become saggy because of weight loss, there is solution available. You can opt to undergo breast surgery for achieving right shape and size. Breast augmentation, breast reduction, breast reconstruction and breast implants are types of breast surgical procedures.

Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck) – This type of surgical procedure helps in getting rid of excessive deposit of skin and fat. It further helps in restoring separated and weekend muscles, thus creating firmer and smooth abdominal profile.  A well-toned as well as flat abdomen is something for which most of the people strive for. However, at time even diet control and exercise does not help. This is where such a procedure can come to the rescue.

Liposuction – Also commonly known as “Lipo” by many people, it is a surgical procedure which is performed for reshaping certain body parts by removing excessive deposit of fats, and thus improving body proportion and contours. It can be performed either alone or combined with other cosmetic surgery procedures such as tummy tuck, breast reduction or face lift.

Nose Surgery – Medically known as Rhinoplasty, it is a nose reshaping surgery which has benefits to offer. as a matter of fact, it not helps in improving the shape of your nose but also rectifies breathing problems related to nose. Further it enhances proportions of nose ensuring facial harmony. It can also help in rectifying impaired breathing caused because of structural defects in nose.

In addition to above slated, chin surgery, lip surgery, hair transplant and mommy makeover are some other popular cosmetic surgery procedures performed in India. An increasing number of people are opting for Cosmetic plastic surgery in India because of effective and reasonable priced treatment.


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