Hidden Signs of ageing


You are meticulous about the cleansing-toning-moisturizing routine twice a day with the right set of potions to ensure that your face remains flawless, and the ravages of time is as minimal as possible. But does your rigorous regime include your neck and decolletage? Do you ensure that your hands are well-moisturized and smooth?

Most women focus so much on their face that they forget that neck, chest and hands, too, show signs of ageing. In fact, dermatologists claim that the signs of ageing show up faster around the neck as the skin in this area start sagging or getting lines. The contrast between a taut face and a loose neck skin can actually give away the number of candles on your cake.

“The quality of skin around the neck and chest is different from that on the face. It is thin as collagen regeneration around these areas is quite poor. Also, the skin is drier than what it is on the face and the lines become easily prominent,” explains Dr Rashmi Shetty, cosmetologist and founder of Ra Skin and Aesthetics Clinic, Mumbai.


Getting a beautiful neck and decollete starts with taking care of the skin around the area. Treat them as an extension of your face, for they are, and use your daily potions on them as well. “The best way is to extend your skincare regime to your neck and chest,” says Dr Chirnajiv Chhabra, dermatologist and founder of Skin Alive Clinic, New Delhi.

“Whatever products you are using on the face, use them in these areas, too. We normally tend to concentrate on the face. All our cleansers, sunblocks and moisturizers are devoted to the face. But neck and chest should also be taken care of. Sunblock is vital. Sun is a factor that accelerates ageing and other issues like tanning, pigmentation and dehydration. Sun exposure leads to lines, so we should keep our skin well hydrated and protected.”


If you are not satisfied with the results of your in-home products, you can always consider professional help. The good news is that today the professional treatments that work to keep your face youthful work amazingly well on your neck, chest and hands. Rashmi advises getting a dose or two of Botox done to deal with a sagging jaw line and chicken legs. The other popular treatments include Thermage, ScarLet and NdVAG laser.


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