Super Foods for Keeping Bones Healthy


A strong skeletal frame is vital not only to provide structure to the body, but also protect the internal organs and anchor muscles. Besides, a healthy set of bones is crucial for good posture, balance and strength. The two key nutrients responsible for developing healthy, strong bones are calcium and phosphorus. Little amounts of other nutrients such as vitamins and minerals are also imperative for healthy bones.

The process of developing healthy bones begins at birth. Even orthopedics across the globe emphasize on maintaining a healthy, bone-friendly diet all throughout the life. This becomes particularly crucial after about 30 years of age.

You can choose from a range of calcium supplements (but it’s best to consult an orthopedic before you pop in pills). You can also instill calcium-rich foods in your diet to eradicate any calcium deficiency that helps in keeping the bones healthy. Discussed below are some super charger foods to help you boost your bone density:

  • MILK: Undoubtedly, milk is the topmost source of calcium needed for adequate bone development. The National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD) says that fat-free milk or low fat one is a good option as it contains higher volume of calcium without the added fat and this encourages easy absorption of calcium by the body. Multiple nutrients such as potassium, magnesium, phosphorus and multiple vitamins are found in abundance in milk.
  • ORANGE JUICE: Oranges are enriched with essential nutrients like vitamins, minerals and calcium. These are quintessential for stronger bones. People who are intolerant of lactose and unable to acquire daily need of calcium from dairy products, must ensure they develop an eating habit containing lots of oranges.
  • DAIRY PRODUCTS: Many orthopedics have stated dairy products like cheese and yogurt as preferred source of calcium due to their high calcium levels. If you are allergic to lactose, you can select other dairy products which are lactose-free or have lower levels of lactose. Osteoblasts are cells that build bones and Yogurt contains lactoferin which promotes the growth and activity of such cells.
  • NUTS and SEEDS: Walnuts, flaxseeds, almonds, pistachios are not only good sources of calcium, but are rich in minerals and omega 3 fatty acids. Peanuts contain potassium which prevents loss of calcium in urine.
  • GREEN VEGETABLES: Green leafy vegetables like spinach and broccoli have large amounts of calcium and vitamin D and it’s the latter, which helps in easy amalgamation of calcium and phosphorus, thereby ensuring the appropriate growth for bones and teeth. Collards and turnip can also help you fulfill the daily requirement of calcium. Consumption of these vegetables on a routinely basis will help you strengthen your bones and promote bone development by preventing calcium loss. Apart from this, plant sterols (steroid hormones) are converted to a hormone called Calciferol which aids in calcium absorption.

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