The latest trend: More Indians are opting for cosmetic dental procedures

Mention the word ‘dentist’ and there were shivers down our spine, imagining people in discomfort and pain during their treatment. Bleeding gums, toothaches or chipped teeth were main reasons people were pushed towards dental clinics. Well, things have taken a turn as growing number of Indians are vary of their teeth; how they appear, is […]

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Sleep: How much you require?

Night is the time when you shut your eyes and enter a world of dreams which is considered to be a critical part of leading a healthy life. This is because after a day’s hard work, the muscles need rest. But the question is how much of rest is required? To sleep means leaving your […]

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Helping couples all the way

With speedy developments in technology used for treating infertility issues (which were untreatable before), there has been a rise in options for infertility specialists over the last 20 years. Additionally, those professionals who can make the best use of the available technology are well & truly in demand. According to Dr Abha Majumdar, director and […]

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