Don’t trash the egg yolk: It’s jolly good yellow


There was a time when human beings ate whole eggs without worrying about cholesterol or weight gain. It tasted fantabulous and conventional wisdom said it is good for health. Now when cholesterol became the villain in the good health script, the egg yolk became its goofy sidekick. What we start doing is throwing the yellow stuff into the dustbin without any knowledge.

However, the reality is quite the opposite. Nutritionists have begun to realize the importance of egg yolk in providing us the protein the egg is famed for. An egg contains about 6gms of protein, egg white contains only 3gms. By throwing the egg yolk out, we are getting only half the protein that the egg promises.

So what prompts us to do this? We fear cholesterol and believe egg yolk has cholesterol in it. But our body needs cholesterol. It becomes a problem only if it exceeds the required amount. Cholesterol helps regulate hormones, especially the sex hormones. So, inadequate cholesterol levels can mean poor performance in bed.

Recent researches have shown that dietary-animal based cholesterol does not directly raise blood cholesterol levels. The cholesterol in our bloodstream is made in the liver. Moreover, one medium sized egg has only about 200mg of cholesterol, whereas our daily requirement of cholesterol is about 250mg/daily.

So, common sense would tell you that it’s perfectly safe to have an egg a day. But the same common sense needs to applied if you already have high cholesterol levels or you are overweight.

Random facts about eggs

  • Eggs are rich in choline (memory vitamin necessary for all cellular functions), lutein and zeaxan thin (both antioxidants). It is also a source of lecithin, which prevents retinal damage.
  • The egg yolk contains 95 percent of the folate that the egg provides and 43 percent of total egg protein.
  • It is a major source of Vitamin A and K. Egg yolk is a source of vitamin D, which is not commonly found in food.

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