Facts regarding internet usage by the Indian Doctors


  • According to a Government Report, there are more than 750000 practicing doctors in India from different specialties.
  • Out of those, 80% believe that internet has become a perennial source of healthcare information.
  • Approximately 75% of doctors use the internet every day.
  • A recently concluded survey showed Indian doctors utilizing the power of internet more than the doctors in United States. On an average, 1,500-plus doctors log in several times a day on social networking sites just to connect with patients and stay updated.
  • 10% of all doctors are on social network LinkedIn or twitter and 90000 doctors use ‘Dr’ in their name on
  • 80% doctors believe that mobile is a handy source of information and since they are academically oriented, they surf for information on the mobile. Though the usability percentage is low, the numbers are bound to rise in coming years.
  • A big portion of the interviewed doctors in the survey put their faith in video presentations and other digital media which helps in better connectivity with patients.

A bigger picture of these facts is that doctors these days are a lot more active on the internet as compared to yester years. Gone are the days when patients used to follow the ‘word-of-mouth’ technique to consult a doctor. With time, even patients have started searching for the best of medical professionals on the internet. More doctors on the internet, more patients looking to book online appointments. And this is just the beginning.


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