When is the right time to consult a sexologist?


Summary: We often compensate on our sexual health or rather adjust with them because we are too shy to discuss with a sexologist. However, if not looked into, they can destroy relationships besides tarnishing health.

It’s ironic that a country like India which has a deep-rooted history of sex is amongst those where sex is talked about in an inhibited manner. Because it’s considered breaking a law to mention sex-not just in the villages but big, metropolitan cities as well- there are people who suffer from this taboo, both males and females.

Is the significance of sex exaggerated?

Not really. The reticence on sex means our approach is that sex is a crime or an act meant only for pleasure but that’s only half truth. It goes beyond that and if you look at our ancient scriptures you’ll find enough evidence. Sex was looked upon as a path towards spirituality and more. In layman terms, sex is like any other body function-just as body requires, food, water, sleep, air, it needs sex too. Homo sapiens are glued to this approach and it affects our overall health and mind.

Do you suffer from a sex problem? Stay Mum…

The jaw-dropping element of this mentality is that health problems involving sex are flushed down the gutter. These issues include premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, discomfort during intercourse, vaginismus, low libido etc. Even though treatable to a great extent, issues related to sexual dysfunction needs to be addressed by a sexologist first, which is where people are reluctant. They either feel it’s not serious or too embarrassed to discuss.

How do we detect a problem?

Some of the problems men face includes low sex drive, inability to achieve orgasm, lack of ejaculation, recurring erection. Sexual dysfunction in women unfolds in the form of reduced desire to have sex, pain during intercourse, lack of orgasm etc.

What is the potential cause of sexual dysfunction?

Sexologists explain that in men, erectile dysfunction occurs when blood flow gets disrupted, stress, performance anxiety and nerve disorders. Diabetes, high blood pressure and certain medication are linked to loss of libido. There are other causes as well, but these are common. In females, changes in hormonal activity like after birth or post-menopause are linked to sexual dysfunction.

When and why you require professional opinion?

The answer’s simple; when your sex life is in trouble and hinders with other aspects of life. You may not get to know about the problem, so it is important to discuss with a sex therapist no matter how small the issue seems to be. It’s unfortunate that in India, sexual problems are given a low preference but it’s quintessential to understand that it can affect you in multiple ways.


The treatment commences with normal tests and examinations. In males, treatment may involve medications such as Viagra, hormonal assistance, penile implant and psychological therapy. For women, treatment may involve hormonal replacement therapy, topical oestrogen and surgery.

Not all treatments are suited to everyone and they possess some risk. Hence, it’s better to put up the right questions before your sexologist to get a clear view. Besides regular treatment, couple therapy is known to be equally effective.

Can I contribute in making my sex life healthy?

Of course you can. The fitter you are the better sex life you enjoy. In broader terms, this means no smoking, limited alcohol consumption, taking appropriate sleep, exercising regularly and following a healthy diet.


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