The latest trend: More Indians are opting for cosmetic dental procedures


Mention the word ‘dentist’ and there were shivers down our spine, imagining people in discomfort and pain during their treatment. Bleeding gums, toothaches or chipped teeth were main reasons people were pushed towards dental clinics. Well, things have taken a turn as growing number of Indians are vary of their teeth; how they appear, is there something wrong with them. In short, people are now teeth conscious. They seek better dental health.

Normally, industrialists or celebrities would avail cosmetic dental treatment, but it is not restricted to hot-shot personalities. Leading dental clinics say they have people coming from all walks of life. Be it lawyers, doctors, businessmen, housewives or teenagers, everyone want their smile to be perfect.

The cost of a dental procedure can range from Rs 1000 – more than 1 lakh. One of the most popular & in-demand procedures includes tooth whitening because smoking and caffeine have bad effects on teeth. A single round of bleaching costs INR 9000 but depends on the amount of damage tea and coffee have made on teeth. The effect of procedure usually lasts up to 1-2 years.

Dentists suggest that people who consume tea or coffee regularly must choose in-office whitening. This is a better option as compared to bleaching because it contains a higher quantity of hydrogen peroxide. They also recommend ceramic veneers for a brighter smile. It involves creating ceramic shells tailored for a patient’s tooth. These are placed on to crooked teeth, delivering a perfect smile.

Even people with small teeth can go for crown lengthening procedure which increases the size of teeth followed by full coverage crowns for longevity. This treatment is not a cheap one.

If youngsters feel unhappy with their metallic braces, they should thank the innovation in the dental industry. With the advent of invisible braces, they can now rid themselves of the metallic ones. They are costly but the trend is seeing a surge not just in big cities but even in tier-II and tier-III cities.

A prominent dentist says people come for adornment of teeth, especially women but recently men have shown keenness. The procedures double-up during the wedding season.


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