Think twice before handing over mobile phone to your child

infant with cell-lazoi.jpg

Do you think it is wise to give a mobile phone to your child? Think deep before you do so. Read on to know about harmful effects of using mobile phones by children. Having a mobile phone can result in children’s health being affected alongside hampering overall physical and mental well-being.

As the time passes by, human life is constantly evolving. Only high class people were carrying mobile phones previously and they showed it off as well. Eventually, with innovation, middle class individual was able to grab hold a mobile phone and now it’s a common feature. In the present scenario, you can see children as small as 8 years carrying a cell phone.

Health Hazards on children

Studies show that mobile phones should never be handed over to children below 16 years. Children below this age have sensitive brains which cannot handle the effects of mobile radiation. Since tissues in the brain are still in the developing stage, these radiations can pose serious problems like cell damage. When radiation enters the body, it can cause multiple health complications. The radiation affects the adults too but it is more damaging in children because of increased absorption. Oncologists believe there is a connection between childhood cancer and mobile phone usage among children.

Advice to parents

We live in an environment where crime against children happens frequently. Parents who provide their children mobile phones must take appropriate measures to ensure their safety. Not only the health complications, children using mobile phones can be easily stalked by strangers. Parents should make sure to connect with their children constantly.

Mobile Phones for children – is it worth?

There might be a few pros of children accessing mobile phones but there are more cons than pros. One benefit is that children can contact their parents in case of an emergency. However, doctors warn about the negative effect which a mobile phone can have on the overall development of your child.


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