Unable to lose weight post delivery- Try these tips


Welcoming a new member in the family is an awesome emotion. On one side, a mother is filled with joy of bringing a cute little angel in the world, while on the other side she is anxious about whether she’ll be able to lose weight and cope with post-pregnancy hormonal changes. During and after pregnancy, a woman gains weight, which is completely normal.

Putting on weight during pregnancy is crucial as the baby requires the right nutrition and it is under developing stage. Post delivery, mothers are on a look-out for methods which can help them shed extra fat. After going through rigors of childbirth, women can use these tips to reduce but only after consultation with their gynecologist.

Bring regulation in your diet

It is critical for mothers to eat a balanced diet as they have to breastfeed the baby. It is essential to keep a tab on what you consume as it will affect the milk formation. Therefore, your diet must contain high nutrients such as fruits, whole grains, green vegetables, lean meat etc. Avoid aerated drinks at any cost. Limit the amount of sugar in your tea or coffee. This will assist in losing weight.


Strenuous exercise is not the need of the hour but an easy walk in the morning evening can help you to lose weight if you steadily for few kilometers. This implies that minimum of 20 minute walk is required if you wish to burn fat. Other options include cycling, swimming or games like badminton or squash.


Yoga under supervision can bear fruitful results for you and that too swiftly. Yoga can rid all anxiety issues which often perturb new mothers. The onus is upon you to ensure that these workouts are regular and consistent.

Drink Lots of Water

Consuming large quantities of water is known to regulate the flow of milk and simultaneously helps in removing body fat. Gynecologists recommend 8-10 glasses of water daily.

Weight loss post delivery is something that should not give you headaches. However, practice your weight loss program through appropriate consultation and management.


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