How to deal with cancer when you discover you have it

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Discovering you have cancer can have a traumatic effect not only on you but the whole family. But you need to realize that being diagnosed with any type of cancer is the not the dead end of life. Like other diseases, cancer is very much treatable, thanks to medical advancement. World Cancer Day, we bust some misconceptions about cancer and the major one is that cancer is final goodbye from the loved ones. Here’s what you need to do when you are diagnosed with cancer:

RELAX: When the news breaks it’s difficult to calm your mind but you have to tell yourself, this is not the end. Take a deep breath. Under the observation of right oncologist, early diagnoses, regular follow-ups can help you lead a normal life. You can take a leaf out of the life of celebrities like Manisha Koirala and cricketer Yuvraj Singh.

CONFIDE: You don’t have to fight it alone. Tell your near and dear ones about your treatment, especially those with whom you are extremely close. They will provide the necessary mental support to get you out from this condition.

HAVE FAITH IN YOUR ONCOLOGIST: Many people tend to lose faith in the treatments provided by their doctor. Mind you, he’s the best available person who can give you the right insight of your disease and the treatment options. If you still have doubt, you can always try second opinion.

BE REGULAR: After sometime, many people tend to stop their treatment. However, you should be meticulous about your check-ups, diagnoses, treatment to reap full benefits. Avoid self-diagnosis as this can make symptoms worse.

LOOK UP RATHER THAN DOWN: A balanced diet combined with the right amount of exercise will help you get through this tough time by making you stronger. Plus, it will make your immune system counter the strong medication.

MEDITATION: As mentioned earlier, it’s pivotal to calm your mind to beat the stress. There are numerous meditation techniques that can help you maintain peace at mind.

Last but not the least; you have to believe in yourself. Your inner strength is a key to how you fight with cancer. That helps in recuperation as well. With a strong will, you can definitely beat the disease.



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