Plastic Surgeons: India is the new hub for cheaper procedures

Plastic Surgeons: India is the new hub for cheaper procedures

Summary: Plastic surgery procedures are booming, not only in India but world over. Plastic surgeons say that if this trend persists, there will come a day when celebrity, industrialist or a hot-shot entrepreneur will be left without a procedure, be it liposuction, rhinoplasty etc.

In recent times, medical industry has seen some great developments especially in India. Ranging from gastroenterological issues to cancer, most of the health problems have a cure in India. Innovation in technology has reached a certain level where treatments are beyond excellence and India is rapidly eyed as next stop for world-class medical practices and procedures. The surgeries have taken a big leap forward and the concept of cosmetic surgery is not an untouched one in India. With its immense popularity across the globe, surgeons working under this medical field and the eagerness to enhance one’s looks have led to an exponential rise of cosmetic surgery procedures in India.

The plastic surgeons in India are considered as the jewels of plastic surgery and have proved their worth by surpassing the expectations of patients. Those who have undergone the surgery have reported improved results and outstanding makeovers. If figures speak louder than words then you have to believe them. According to the latest reports, an excess of 400,000 people from various borders chose India as their destination to undergo medical treatments in 2012 alone. A further rise is expected on current lines in 2013 as well. Even the most doubtful would peek into why India is becoming such a favorite spot for healthcare services especially plastic surgeries.

Why Indian Plastic Surgeons are considered for cost effective procedures?

There’s enough evidence that proves birthplace of plastic surgery is India and practiced as early as 2000 BC. But surely it doesn’t mean that you should pack your bags and head towards India for a cosmetic procedure. Here are some factors that have enabled the country to become the hottest spot for affordable plastic surgery.

  1. The Cost Matters: It is a well-known fact that cost of performing a cosmetic procedure in developed nation is on the higher side. In addition, these “looks enhancing procedures” are not covered by the insurance companies abroad. This is where affordable plastic surgery in India comes in. For instance, a breast augmentation procedure in US would cost around $ 6,000 and same can be done in India for $ 2,200, say plastic surgeons. Even if we add the travelling expenses, the overall cost can be much lesser.
  2. Best Medical Practitioners: It’s human assumption that quality never comes cheap. However, it doesn’t hold right every time and definitely not when it comes to providing quality medical care in India. Plastic surgeons in India are knowledgeable and experts in the field who have gained reputation for being at par with the global standards. Genuine doctors, internationally recognized medical facilities, newest technological advancements are some of the benefits one gets over choosing India.

Friendly, English Speaking Staff: Biggest problem one faces when travelling overseas is the language. Thankfully, it is not a big deal anymore. However, inability to communicate with foreign patients can have a dampening effect. In India, there is no language barrier as doctors and support staff is affluent in English. Moreover, they provide exemplary aftercare necessary for apt recuperation.


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