Deciding when to call a pediatrician

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Summary: A pediatrician is the perfect person to visit when your child suffers from an illness. But they can get well with just over the counter medicines. However, if they symptoms don’t subside, you definitely need to consult one at the earliest.

By experiencing motherhood, you have just cherished the most memorable moment of your life. Unfortunately, you discover that your newborn love is not keeping well. You have tried and tried hard to make him feel better, but to no avail. You might get worried a little, but in a pediatrician’s perspective, he may not be that serious. However, in certain circumstances, you may require him:

  • Your baby under 3 months old has a fever-this must always be regarded as potentially serious.
  • Your child’s listless or miserable even after you’ve brought down her fever.
  • Your child’s color changes from pink or red to mauve or blue.
  • Your child has a convulsion (fit).
  • Your child loses consciousness.
  • Your child has blood in her urine, vomit, or stools.

Keeping mind that young children can develop dangerous symptoms quite rapidly. If your child’s poorly, keep a close eye on her and call your pediatrician if you are in any doubt.

For most of us, the local doctor is our first port of call for health problems. Your doctor can make a diagnosis, prescribe medication, and refer your child to other health services if necessary. But you don’t always need to see a doctor if your child’s under the weather. No one wants to go to the doctor unless they really have to – there may be an alternate solution, but if not, you need to decide whether a visit to the pediatrician is necessary.

Working out whether you to take your child to the local doctor or straight to a pediatrician depend on the severity of the problem. If the problem’s not urgent, you should be able to get an appointment at your local one – but remember to cancel it if your child’s symptoms subside. Most medical practitioners fit you in if you just turn up with your child, although you may have to wait a while.


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