What’s keeping dermatologists busy these days?

What’s keeping dermatologists busy these days?

Summary: We are now seeing a surge in individuals suffering from baldness, especially male. Even the guys in their 20’s are starting to show signs of baldness. Thankfully, there are dermatologists who have developed expertise in treating such condition.

Receding hairline is a common sight nowadays with more and more people shedding hairs resulting in baldness. Approximately, 120000 to 150000 hairs are present on a human head. It’s natural for hairs to fall and be replaced by new ones. On an average, 50-150 hair loss per day is considered normal. However, baldness is a state when hair loss happens at an alarming rate and normal hairs are replaced slowly with shorter ones.

Factors responsible for baldness

How dermatologists look into the matters?

Firstly, your dermatologist will ask you of any family history of baldness. He may check some of your hairs under the microscope or examine the scalp. Also, he will ask you of your eating habits, any medication that you have taken, any sickness you might have suffered from. In rare cases, medical professionals may conduct skin biopsy or blood tests to take a closer look.

What are the treatments available?

  1. Hair Transplant: This procedure is most sought after. Though an expensive one, people are shelling out big bucks to get their hair back. It involves transplanting hair follicles from areas of the scalp where hair is still developing to areas where it is absent. It may cause minor scarring.
  2. Cosmetic Treatments: Cosmetic treatments are composed of applying synthetic hair and using hair-care products prescribed by experienced dermatologists.

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