Worried about your child’s health? Consult a pediatrician

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Summary: Motherhood is the best feeling that a woman can cherish for the rest of her life. However, the newborn need proper care to ward off any diseases. Pediatricians tell you which diseases are common and harm your beloved and how you can take care.

Upbringing of a child can be a strenuous task especially if he falls sick or catches a virus. It’s very normal for a new born to catch hold of a disease as the immune system is weak. But the problem arises when he falls sick more often. How do you deal with diseases like stomach problems, throat problems, coughs, asthma, chicken pox, measles and many more that you might have not heard of.

Stomach Problems

  1. Thread Worms: These are most common in small children. If you see your child scratching his bottom, check for stools as they may contain thread worms. The female lays the eggs around the anus skin. While your child scratches his bottom, the eggs may get stuck in the nails and ingested when he puts his fingers into the mouth.

Your pediatrician will prescribe a single dose that will destroy all the worms. You can repeat the dose after 14 days. Make sure your child washes hands after visiting the washroom.

  1. Toxocara Canis: It is a worm carried mostly by dogs and cats. Your child may get affected by it when he plays in areas where animals have emanated. These worms are ingested when your child puts his hands in the mouth. The worms enter the blood and travel to the lungs causing intense coughing. In such situation, the best thing to do is consult an experienced pediatrician.

Throat Problems

Tonsillitis: Tonsils, located at the back of the throat warn against a potential infection. They restrict the entry of the infection and trap it in the throat. This leads to red, swollen throat usually containing white patches. Pediatricians usually prescribe antibiotics to deal with tonsillitis. It’s normal to get a child’s tonsils removed but that generally happens when he has regular attacks leading to ear infections and deafness.



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