Urologists warn against Sexually Transmitted Infections

STI, Sexually transmitted infection, STD, Sexually Transmitted Infection.

Summary: If not treated in time, sexually transmitted diseases and infections can spell danger. Urologists are perfectly capable of handling such issues. Remember to search for a good one before booking an appointment.

Oral sex, as we understand, involves giving and receiving oral stimulation to the genital organs. It is highly common practice, especially youths and can be performed on its own or before or after sexual intercourse.

Multiple studies involving acclaimed urologists have stated that oral sex is unsafe on different levels. Both giving and receiving oral sex can spell trouble with sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) knocking.

HERPES is the most common STD spread through oral sex. There are two kinds of herpes simplex virus (HSV): HSV type 1, which normally leads to developing cold scores around the mouth and HSV type 2, which usually causes cold scores around the genital organs. If an individual carrying HSV type 1 performs oral sex with another individual, herpes could be transmitted to the genital organs of that person causing genital scores. This process can reciprocate with HSV type 2 transmitting from the genitals to the mouth of other person during oral sex, though it’s a rarity.

GONORHHEA is also very common STD and can be easily transmitted in the course of oral sex. The infection is generally passed from the infected genitals to a person’s throat and vice-versa. Only a urologist having significant experience can handle such infection with perfection.

SYPHILIS is easily transmitted while individuals engaging in oral sex. It happens when a person’s mouth comes in contact with rash skin caused by the infection.

Human papillomavirus which is responsible for genital warts can be transmitted through oral sex as well. However, it rarely happens but cannot be ruled out completely.

CHLAMYDIA is the throat infection caused by oral sex, although it is uncommon. One of the bad things about Chlamydia is that people suffering from this disease are hardly aware of its symptoms. They may never know they are suffering from such health issue.

The possibility of transmitting Hepatitis A virus (found in human faces) increases significantly when an individual indulges in anal-oral sex. Similarly to Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B (found in sexual fluids and blood), may get transmitted through oral sex. The same can be said about Hepatitis C too.


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