Treat your hiccups instantly

Treat your hiccups instantly

Hiccups are the sudden, uncontrolled repeated contractions of the diaphragm producing a sound called hiccup. The medical term used for hiccup is Synchronous Diaphragmatic Flutter (SDF) OR singultus. Hiccups may occur several times per minute and may last for few hours creating uneasiness in talking and eating. Hiccups may be the result of overeating, frequent change in room temperature, eating spicy food, excitement or excessive intake of air while eating. However, if one experiences hiccups for long hours, it may be due to some respiratory, metabolic or gastrointestinal disorder. Long lasting hiccups can even damage any nerve in your body.

Here are 7 remedies that can be done to stop the problem of hiccups

  1. Hold Your Breath
  • Holding your breath is one of the easiest and an old-age method for treating hiccups. When you hold your breath, the amount of carbon dioxide in your body increases distracts your mind from the cycle of hiccups.
  • Take a deep breath and hold your breath as long as possible, repeat this method until hiccups stop.
  • Holding breath reduces the flow of oxygen to your brain, and slowing down the repetition of hiccups.

  1. Cold Water
  • Drinking a glass of cold water soothes your diaphragm and prevents further irritation due to hiccups.
  • Drinking a glass of chilled water in one sip also works as a shock therapy and your body is not able to respond to this immediate reaction.

  1. Sugar
  • Sugar can also be used an effective and sweet method to cure hiccups.
  • Swallowing a teaspoon full of sugar stimulates your body’s nervous system.
  • Hold the spoon full of sugar in your mouth until it dissolves completely, and then take a sip of cold water. Do not chew sugar just let it dissolve on your tongue.

  1. Peanut Butter
  • Peanut butter is another solid way to deal with the hiccups.
  • Due to its sticky and gooey properties peanut butter disrupts the breathing pattern when goes down through your throat.
  • Try to a swallow spoonful of peanut butter to stop the pattern of hiccups, drink after if required.
  1. Use air bag
  • Another tested trick to prevent hiccups is to use an air bag.
  • Try to exhale and inhale using an air bag, cover your mouth with a paper bag and inhale slowly in it and then exhale deeply.
  • Repeat this several times to stop hiccups; it helps the diaphragm to slow down its contraction.

  1. Stick your tongue out
  • Sticking your tongue out revives the vagus nerve and eases the diaphragm contractions.
  • By sticking your tongue out you are not able to breathe properly this help you to avoid sudden reflexes.

  1. Cardamom (Eliachi)
  • Chewing Cardamom or Eliachi relaxes your vocal muscles and reduces the frequency of hiccups.
  • Mixing one teaspoon of cardamom powder in lukewarm water and then drink it slowly.

Drinking water with cardamom water helps in soothing you larynx.


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