Common causes for shortness of breath you probably don’t know

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Common causes for shortness of breath you probably don’t know

Feeling stuffy due to breathlessness is a common health problem for some of us. While there are multiple reasons behind this issue, we often get confused about finding the right reason causing this discomfort.

Although in reality this breathlessness can happen due to multiple reasons, we mostly apprehend asthma as the universal trigger. As a result we fail to get relief if we try self-medication.

The most viable solution for finding the reason behind the problem of shortness of breath is consulting a doctor and to get a thorough medical investigation done. It is commonly observed that some other common reasons exist, which may cause respiratory discomfort. To be more precise, there are two mechanical processes involved in smooth breathing: one is ventilation and the other is respiration. Problem in any of these two processes may cause breathing trouble. Let’s check here what may cause the irregularity.

Shortage of air supply causes discomfort

When our body demands more air than usual supply it may cause shortness of breath. There are a few common reasons behind this problem. These are:

The common similarity between all these triggers is due to some situation the body suffers from, increased demand of oxygen or there is short supply of air. Supplemental oxygen may be one of the most effective remedies but sometimes unless the main reason is treated, patients suffering from shortness of breath cannot get complete relief.

Inadequate airflow

The problem of inadequate air flow is usually caused due to certain health disorder. This may happen due to certain malfunctioning of organs involved in respiratory systems or sometimes some disease may cause this unstable condition of airflow. Common diseases or conditions causing inadequate air supply include:

In both the cases immediate medical intervention will restore normalcy.

Problem in carrying oxygen in bloodstream

Some unusual situations may occur where oxygen cannot reach from lungs to all parts of the body, especially in brain. Mainly two types of health disorders may cause breathing trouble like this unstable condition:

  • Poisoning due to carbon dioxide, which prevents RBC to hold oxygen from carrying it to the body organs
  • The problem of severe anaemia creates lack of blood cells required to carry oxygen

Lack of Oxygen in the Air

Sometimes lack of oxygen in air may cause acute shortness of breath. For instance, in higher altitude due to thinness in air at time it becomes difficult to get adequate supply of oxygen while breathing. Similarly in a confined space, due to inadequate or no supply of fresh air, causes breathing trouble for people staying in this no-oxygen zone.

These are the common reasons for respiratory discomfort. Right medication and medical intervention may ease the discomfort faster.


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