Trypanosoma gambiens causes the disease of sleeping sickness or Gambian trypanosomiasis in man. Sleeping sickness can be fatal if not treated. It is spread by the bite of an infected tsetse fly (Glossina Genus), a species native to the African continent. The bite of tsetse fly causes local irritation which subsides after a few days. […]


Rhinoplasty/ Nose Surgery/ Nose Job – Every patient is a different individual

As a Plastic Surgeon in Gurgaon, I come across many patients who want a nose surgery commonly called as a Nose job or in medical terminology a Rhinoplasty. Majority of these patients have some friend or acquaintance, which had a Rhinoplasty or read and see about the procedure from magazines or internet and are motivated […]

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Obesity Hypoventilation Syndrome (OHS) or Pickwickian syndrome

Many obese people have Pickwickian syndrome or Obesity Hypoventilation Syndrome (OHS). A person with OHS experiences breathing difficulties due to intense pressure from excessive weight. The excess body fat constricts chest and diaphragm movements and restricts them from getting the right amount of oxygen for the body. This results to a lower oxygen level that […]

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