Mother’s Day 2017

Mothers day`
Mothers day

Mother’s day is an annual event. In India it is celebrated on the second Sunday of May every year to honour and respect every mother. It was originated in North America in modern times in order to honour mother. It is celebrated to increase the maternal bond to children, to salute the motherhood and to influence of mothers in the society. Mother’s day is celebrated on different dates in different countries all across the world.

In the ancient era, it was started by Greek and Roman, which was also noticed in UK as mothering Sunday. Its celebration has been modernized everywhere. It is celebrated in 46 countries in the world with different dates. On this day people buy things in order to gift it to their mother, while some pray in churches and some spent quality time with their mother as it is a big event for everyone and they get chance to honour their mother and mother in the society.

Anna Jarvis from U.S was the founder of Mother’s Day who is also famous as mother of mother’s day. She was unmarried woman and never had kids. She was highly inspired by her mother. Her name was Mrs. Anna Marie Reeves Jarvis. Anna Jarvis was inspired by her mother’s care and love for her. After her mother’s death she decided to suggest a day for mother, to honour every mother and to symbolize their true love.

India is well known for its great culture and tradition where people give first place and priority to their mother. So mother’s day celebration holds great importance in India. On this we realized the sacrifices she made for us, her love, care, hard work and motivational thoughts and she is a great person in our life without which we cannot imagine a simple life, she is the one who makes our life so simple and easy with her caring love. Just because of mother’s day we get at least one day in whole year to spend only for our mothers. Mother’s day gives us moments to rejoice and give respect to the mother by understanding her importance. On this event, a grand celebration is organized in the schools by the teachers to celebrate it in front of the kids to make them aware about the event and know the importance of mother and more.  On mother’s day, some people gives surprise to their mothers by giving them greeting cards and breakfast in the bed, while some kids buy readymade gifts, clothes, purses, accessories, jewelleries, etc to impress their mothers. It is a beautiful day surprise your mother with unexpected things which would make her happy.


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