Cestodiasis is the disease in man caused by the infection due to tapeworms. Human beings get infected by cestodiasis by eating raw and inadequately cooked measly pork containing cysticerci (bladder like form ) of tapeworm .


The infection cestodiasis can be caused by an adult tapeworm called taeniasis and by its cysticerci called cysticercosis.

  • Taeniasis : it is indicated by a variety of symptoms including pain in abdomen, nausea, anaemia, increased appetite, indigestion, increase of eosinophil cells in blood, and above all, nervous disorders of the type occurring in epilepsy. These serious disorders are caused by toxins produced by the parasite . The hooks and suckers present in the body of tapeworm may cause mechanical irritation in intestine, which may initiate reverse peristalsis leading to auto-infection.
  • Cysticercosis : it is far more dangerous than taeniasis. Encystment of the bladder may take place in the voluntary muscles ( such as muscles of limbs) , cardiac muscles, and even in some more delicate vital organs like liver, eyes and brain. Cysticercosis of brain leads to degenerative changes and death of tissues (necrosis) in brain and patient shows epileptic behavior.


Infection of tapeworm cestodiasis  can be tackled by several  anti – heminth drugs such as camoquin, carbon tetrachloride(CCl4 ) , oleoresin of male Aspidium(fern), quinacrine, antiphon, dichlorophen, etc. on the prescription by a physician. Removal of cysticerci, especially from delicate organs like brain, eyes and liver is extremely difficult.  A gastroenterologist should be visited for the proper treatment of cestodiasis.


  • Consumption of undercooked measly pork should be avoided for the prevention against cestodiasis.

Faeces of infected person should be properly disposed off and destroyed, preventing pigs having access to them and getting the infection . hence preventing humans to get cestodiasis.


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