Beat the heat

beat the heat

The scorching summer heat is hard on our bodies, our moods, and our electric bills. Don’t let the temperature get you down. It can be fun to get out and enjoy the sunshine, and the vitamin D provided by the sun can help your overall health. However, too much sun can be damaging and can put you at risk of developing skin cancer later in life.

Heat Related Illness

There are various illnesses which are caused by heat. Some of the common heat related illnesses are as follows:

Tips to tackle heat

There are tips which would help you to keep yourself cool even if it feels like the sun is out to get you. Some of the common tips are as follows:

Keep Yourself Hydrated: You must know how important it is to stay hydrated especially during summers. When the body is sweating a lot, either because of excessive exercise or due to extreme heat, drinking more water can actually help you to keep hydrated throughout the sunny days and will keep the water -blood level balanced. Lack of water tends to make you feel worn-out and lethargic, so mixing glucose in water is also an excellent idea after coming from outside heat to avoid heat-stokes.

Use sunscreen or Sunblock: According to the American Cancer Society, exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation is a major risk factor for most skin cancers, and sunlight is the main source of UV rays. Applying sunscreen is a must to protect your body. They not only protect you from the harmful ultra-violet rays but also keep you safe from the unwanted darkening of the skin. Covering your body and using sunscreen can effectively become your sun defense. Sunscreen and sunblocks with a suitable SPF would be really effective.

Don’t wear Black or Dark colors: As all of us already know and has learned in junior grades that dark colors absorb more heat. However, most of us fail to apply this in real life. You must avoid wearing black or dark colors outdoors in summers as they intend to absorb more of the heat which is naturally very harmful to your body. Instead try wearing light colors, whites or pastels that would not directly soak up much heat and would not increase the temperature of your body.

Proper diet avoiding greasy foods: Food can play a really vital role in keeping your body temperature cool during summers. Try to cut down food stuff that produces more heat like red meat, dry fruits, almonds, cod-liver etc, opt for fishes or seafood instead. Avoid junk and greasy food items like French fries, burgers, stuffing of cheese. Fruits like apple and watermelons can really help in boosting your metabolism. Do not skip breakfast, as an empty stomach can cause wooziness during extremely hot days.

Keep yourself covered: Always try to avoid coming in contact with the sun between 10 am to 3 pm as the sun is at its peak. If you’re going out at afternoons then try to cover yourselves up or wrap yourselves with scarves, hats, sunglasses or headgears, whatsoever is possible. Use a cotton scarf to protect your head from the direct sunlight.


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